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Ethel England

Film Producer/Bibliophile/Actor/Digital Designer/Amateur Tea Connoisseur

Your friendly neighborhood neurodivergent.

After booking a Silicon Valley commercial that subsequently landed me an agent, I did what any great actor does: work a restaurant job with questionable managerial ethics until I could drown myself in art.  I'm still represented, however, you'll find me showrunning a dark comedy series The Enigmatic Comedies of Malwesh & Eleanor, cursing the fact that I didn't create a documentary (why are there so many more grants for documentaries??). When I'm not jumping through the film industry's legal hoops I'm designing EPKs, Pitch Decks, Series Bibles--basically anything that amounts to a pretty resume for other artists. And of course, if I'm not doing ANY of that (which is highly unlikely) you will find me invested in the latest historical fiction romance with a cup of tea that has an obscene amount of milk in it.  

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